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Imillaskate Zine and Artefact


April 2024

This is a zine from my final year at Sheffield Hallam. The zine is a children's colouring in zine about the Bolivian female skate group, Imillaskate and is all about meeting the members in the group. The purpose of this zine is to not only educate the younger generation but to provide an example to younger girls in sports where there is often misrepresentation.

From first initial sketch work to final print, each page includes hand typography.

This skateboard design accompanies my final year zine project about the Bolivian female skate group, Imillaskate. It was important to me to create a fun skateboard design the encapsulates girlhood and skating together

I decided to further this brief by creating a collection of skateboard deck stickers and mock-ups of a dream client collaboration with Tech Deck

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