Hi, I’m Olivia Tate. I am an independent illustrator and illustration student at Sheffield Hallam University.

I have been an independent illustrator since late 2019. So far, I have worked with a range of clients, including business owners, musicians and charities. Projects have varied from merchandise designs, book covers, event posters, social media branding/marketing and so much more within the vast world of illustration. I also offer a service of bespoke portraits. I launched my own online store in 2020.

I want my page to be a positive place, a place that holds no judgement or negativity.

My work predominantly celebrates female empowerment and the strength of the feminine. I want my work to open up conversations and spread awareness to certain topics such as mental health, body positivity and many more things that either I have encountered in my life or topics that I find important to talk about. I have also spoken about men’s mental health as I feel it is something that still holds a lot of stigma.

I think it is so important in today’s society to spread love and positivity around topics that are often surrounded by a lot of negativity and expectations. Life is beautiful and should be celebrated no matter what social stereotype, colour or gender. Social media has become a very toxic and negative place therefore I want to be part of the change to make it a much more positive place.

 I also delve into negative themes  such as sexual harassment and the “asking for it” culture as I find that they need to be addressed and called out. 



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