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International Women's Day - Female owned businesses you need to know!!

Today is international women's day and I wanted to do something to showcase all of the amazing female talent I see on my social media because there is SO MUCH!! Although I myself am a female owned small business, girls supporting other girls is one of the main priorities of my business so, for today's blog I'm going to share some of the amazing female owned businesses that I think you need to know/follow.

I asked on my instagram earlier this week for you to send me some female owned businesses that you love, so I will be featuring them alongside the ones I personally follow and love!! Through this process I found so many more TALENTED girrrrls. It is crazy to me how many creatives are out there and that are so amazing at what they do. As a creative myself, I know it is hard to get exposure - ESPECIALLY WITH TODAYS ALGORITHMS, so wherever I can boost more small/independent businesses I damn will.

(clicking on the name of the brand will take you to their instagram)

@LAURENTATEOFFICIAL , @DELILAHBONOFFICIAL - It is only right to start off this blog of inspirational female owned businesses with my big sister. Ironically it is her birthday today, of course a boss ass bitch would be born on international women's day- HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN. She credits herself as a singer and front woman of @HANDSOFFGRETEL but she is also a producer, videographer, graphic designer, director, illustrator... the list goes on. She is the most hard working person I know and she inspires me everyday to strive for what I want in life. She deserves the world and more. She also has a new music video coming out today - check that out HERE

and check out her current Delilah projects and merchandise on her website HERE

She literally has so many things I could link and boast about so just literally go stalk her everywhere aha!!

@BOLD_BUNCH - Bold Bunch sell the cutest handmade earrings!! I own a pair and they are so gorgeous (spot the Olivia_tatedesign in the photos below aha). She has some really exciting new drops coming so definitely keep an eye out for them as well as the earrings she has up currently.

Check out her etsy - HERE

@PRINTSBYGG - I love finding new illustrators (being one myself) and printsbygg has such a unique and quirky style. She offers so many gorgeous goodies ranging from art prints to home accessories.

Check out here etsy - HERE

@KITTYRIGGS_ - Self published author badass babe. Kitty is one of the most creative people I've ever met, she literally never stops! She currently has two books out right now, 'What if Bowie were a woman?' and 'Bamboo til' Two', and they are both bloody amazing.

Get both books - HERE

@TOUGHCOOKIEMAG - Tough cookie is a female ran zine that raises and spreads awareness for so many important topics whilst smashing the stigmas they might carry. Their zines are so so incredible and are just an absolute must read. I actually illustrated the first zine front cover and they recently launched the 'all black everything edition which is made up of all black artists and contributors !!

Order both zines - HERE

@ME.DOLLZ - Me.dollz is an illustrator (gotta support other illustrators out here) and she does the CUTEST y2k vibe illustrations. They remind me so much of lil bratz dolls and I'm obsesseddd!! She sells her own prints and merchandise but also takes on personalised illustrations

Check out her shop HERE

@THREADS.EST2020 - The the cutest embroidered jumpers! She has recently just launched the option to get a personalised option, so you can get your adorable lil pets embroidered onto a sweatshirt.

Head to the website - HERE

@THE_TOTE_REVOLUTION_ - The tote revolution sell the most adorable tote bags that are made with sustainable and ethically sourced fabric (& packaging). I LOOOVE me a good tote bag so definitely go check them out!!

Check out her Depop HERE and ASOS HERE

@ROCK_N_RESIN - Such gorgeous resin art. Rock n resin make earrings, trinket dishes, coasters and more. She also offers custom orders so you can customise what you want in your resin pieces. Just look how beautiful these are!

Check out her Depop HERE

@BEECLOTHINGBOUTIQUE - These lovely ladies have been so inspiring to me since starting my page, watching them grow and build their own boss bitch business. They sell such beautiful clothing and are just the nicest of souls. I have worked with them on their logo and so many more projects.

Go check them out on Facebook HERE

@RISRIART - Marisa is an artist, selling her amazing paintings as art prints as well as making such cool quirky earrings. She also offers custom earrings of your choice! Check out her Depop - HERE

@SWEETTHANGZINE - Sweet thang zine is 'a zine for & by Black women and non-binary'. They showcase such amazing talent from poetry to illustrations. They also have a podcast, called SWEET STUFF so I don't know about you but imma bout to blast that on!! They are the absolute dream team.

Check out their website HERE

That was only a portion of the AMAZING female businesses I reached out to for this short blog. Please make sure to show love to every single one of them. As an small business owner, I know and can appreciate just how much work goes behind every single one of these businesses and also know how hard it is for creatives to get the exposure they deserve so hopefully this will help you discover some new businesses to support.

I want to continue the search for bad ass bitch small businesses out there so please comment your favourite below!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING !!

Olivia x

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