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Behind the screens : AMY ATMOSPHERE

Updated: May 28, 2020

For today's blog post, I decided to document the process behind the logo design that I made for Amy's blog, Amy Atmosphere. I've found myself that blogs tend to be hard to promote (although Amy is doing amazing!!) so if I can give any more exposure to her blog in the slightest then I will because I love it and I think everyone should check it out.

Amy is the absolute fashion queen, giving you pure 60s vibes. Amy actually attended the same sixth form as me and I've always been in awe at her aesthetic. So if you're wanting fashion tips from anyone, she is your gal. Her blog focuses on gig reviews, fashion and 'the moaning of student life'. However, through Amy's blog posts she also pushes female empowerment, self love and the importance of mental health and particularly the effects that social media is having on our generation's mental health.

Amy is such an inspiration to me in a number of ways and I will always support her. Amy reached out to me wanting a unique logo for her blog, she gave me a 60s themed brief which I was so excited about because I had actually wanted to do a more era inspired design for a while.

Check out her blog/website:

So here is how I made her logo...

First Steps: Inspiration

For this commission, my first steps was to do bit of digging through Pinterest of the 60s for inspiration as I wanted to get the vibe of the logo spot on as it is a big part of her aesthetic. Amy also had requested a specific hairstyle for her logo... the beehive.

When looking at 60s fashion, Brigitte Bardot is so influential. Amy actually mentions Brigitte in one her blog posts as she was such a powerful female figure in that era. Personally, I have always found her inspiring not just because of her fashion but strangely enough, because of her teeth. When I was younger, I hated my teeth because I have a front gap. I once even asked the dentist if I could have a brace to close it but he said it would be very painful for me and advised me against it, saying that my wisdom teeth might one day close it. But because of women like Brigitte and other famous MODELS, I actually kind of love my gap now and don't want it to go. It's so stupid because when I was younger, I would always get the joke "maybe its Maybelline" and I would be so embarrassed but thinking about it now... that saying came from a literal model, beautifying her gap and embracing it.

The design process:

This was the first line-work of the design. I had based the photo of a reference photo of herself that she had sent me. I wanted to ensure I captured her hair and also the little details like her eye-makeup and earrings.

I also decided to add 'AMY ATMOSPHERE' in the font Ohno Blazeface as I found it was very fitting with the vibe of the design after looking into 60s typography.

Amy approved this line work and gave no alterations.

The colouring process:

Total layers = 31

Different logo concepts:

Although these designs look very similar, they vary in terms of typography sizing. Amy approved the right hand design.

After looking at the final logos, Amy had one last alteration in terms of the colours on the design and that was to make the skin tone lighter.

Final Logo:

I absolutely loved the way this logo turned out and it is probably up there with one of my favourite designs I've made just due to the whole style of it. Amy now has this logo on her website so make sure you go check it out and show her some love. WE GOTTA SUPPORT OUR GALS OUT HERE.

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