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Behind the screens: My first commission

Updated: May 28, 2020

Receiving my first commission was such a scary feeling but also so exciting. I wanted to show you the transformation process behind one of my designs. Hopefully this will become the first of many behind the screens of my work.

This commission was received around the end of September 2019. I was so lucky to have had the lovely Larissa Vienna as my first client as I think we were both as excited about the project as each other and she was just so kind and creatively enthusiastic throughout.

The first steps:

Larissa sent me an photo brief of herself that she wanted me to recreate in my style. So my first steps was to hand draw the photo... here is the original drawing. Around this time, it was part of my process to pencil draw first and then go over those lines with fine liner ( I use the STA pigment liners, stolen from my little brother of course).


Larissa sent me a design of mine that I had recently done in May 2019, 'glitched emotions'. She wanted me to incorporate the same kind of tears on her design. I used this design throughout as inspiration as you might be able to tell.

The colour process, from paper to screen:

After scanning in my drawing, I used to then just use Adobe Photoshop to colour in the design (I have since changed this process). It was also around the time that my designs used to use unnatural coloured skin tones such as pinks and blues so Larissa decided upon having a pink skin tone and rainbow hair, keeping the colour palettes bright and colourful. Here was the colouring process behind the design:

When it came to adding the rainbow hair, I also experimented another rough layer that was a different variation of the rainbow and sent both to Larissa to get her thoughts. We decided to stick with the purple to green gradient as it complimented the skin tone better and flowed more.

For the typography, Larissa wanted a hand drawn effect. For this I downloaded the Adobe font 'GoodKitty' and warped (edit > transform > warp) the 'love me out loud' to get the effect that I wanted.

This design very minimal change requests as Larissa was pleased with every outcome (trust me I have designs with a lot more versions and alterations) . I will always love this design because it marks the start of my journey into commissioned work.

Hopefully I will make more of these and might actually start to document commissions from the very start (whilst I'm designing them).


Here is the final version:

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